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Strata Construction & Improvements

Whether it’s an office building, shopping mall, or other retail space, you can trust your Vancouver strata construction project in our capable hands.

Strata Construction

Braveheart Ventures knows the challenge of strata construction and renovation projects. Remodeling spaces like lobbies, corridors, and other shared spaces can face many roadblocks due to competing interests from involved parties.

Most commercial or industrial strata developments are mixed-use, meaning there can be many administrative hoops to jump through, or unforeseen roadblocks. Project success means clear, open communication between all interested parties, at every stage of the construction process.

Braveheart brings significant experience to these strata construction projects. Our project plans provide full visibility into potential risks, while providing precise estimates and accurate scheduling.

We achieve stunning, sophisticated results that fit your timeline and budget.

Attention to Detail

Strata improvements and renovations require a strict attention to detail. Accurate quotes and estimates are vital to keep you on budget. Conscientious focus on safety is a must for all involved. We know what goes into working with multiple parties who are all invested in seeing a successful project.

Minimal Disruption

During your strata renovation, we know that your occupants expect business as usual. That’s why we ensure that the project is completed in a timely fashion while maintaining everyday working conditions for everyone involved. And we get things done right the first time.

Our Strata Improvement & Renovation Projects

Explore our portfolio of recent hospitality projects in Vancouver.

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