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Residential Strata Renovation & Improvement Services

Helping strata boards and homeowners achieve their construction goals.

Vancouver Lower Mainland Residential Strata Renovations

Whether you’re a strata board or an individual homeowner planning a renovation, Braveheart Ventures has the skills, experience, and knowledge necessary to help.

And not only do we beautify your strata, we add value.

For residential strata boards across the Vancouver Lower Mainland, we help revitalize and renovate your shared spaces. From building exteriors, to common

areas like lobbies, gyms, or meeting rooms—our team will work with you to create a space that works for all parties involved. All without sacrificing the luxurious look Braveheart is known for.

Or, if you’re a homeowner living within a strata, we can complete your home or condo renovation project within the guidelines of your strata rules. We ensure you get the home you want while avoided any unexpected roadblocks.

Working Together with Strata

Residential strata improvements and renovations require in-depth construction management. It’s crucial that all parties are communicated with, that a high priority is placed on safety, and that everyone knows what to expect from the beginning.

Adding Value

We want to make sure your strata renovation or improvement project isn’t just for looks. Whether it’s a condo building or an entire neighborhood, we work with you to make sure your renovation adds value to the strata’s homes—giving you a positive return on your investment.

Our Residential Strata Renovation Projects

Explore our client portfolio to see how we’ve helped strata boards across Vancouver.

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